Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Confluence of Importance

November 4th! History is made. We cried with elation when the 8-year shame of being American got lifted.

I'm sad, angered, and surprised about California voting against civil rights with Prop 8. I want to ride the wave of hope that Obama has brought to us, and yet, there is an unmistakeable sense of fear that prevailed in many states on the issue of gay marriage and I'm tired of teaching people about civil rights. I'm finally proud of us for turning the tide in the national election, and I know that I will never be satisfied, truly, with a national culture that is so deeply saturated with capitalist values.

What cheers me tonight is the fundamental shift that has happened in a country that has been fearful and reeling since 9/11, that finally seems strong enough to question systemic issues.

Hope. Hope Hope. It's a meaningful day for me personally, too: One-year anniversary of this blog, five months of commitment with Louis, I bought a file cabinet, I drank a glass of very expensive port with Anthony, Linz, and Aaron in the Riverside apartment.

We're drinking and yelling and watching Bruce Springsteen videos. My life is good.

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  1. I had to pinch myself this morning when I woke up to make sure I hadn't dreamt it all. We have a FUTURE ahead of us-- a bright, bright future. What an exciting day this is...